Eric Kaufmann

Whiteshift: Populism, Immigration and the Future of White Majorities

22:44 min
Politics, Sociology, History
496 pages, 2018

In "Whiteshift," Eric Kaufmann addresses a critical issue facing Western societies: the changing demographics of white majorities. As immigration and intermarriage reshape populations, how can nations balance diversity and social cohesion? This short examines the growth of white identity politics, the rise of populist movements, and the cultural conflicts emerging across the West. Kaufmann presents a detailed analysis of potential futures, from assimilation to multiculturalism, and suggests "multivocalism" as a possible solution. By studying historical patterns, current political situations, and future scenarios, this work offers a thorough understanding of the complexities surrounding ethnic change. For policymakers, scholars, or concerned citizens, "Whiteshift" provides the knowledge needed to participate meaningfully in discussions about identity, nationalism, and the future of Western societies.

Eric Kaufmann

Eric Kaufmann is a professor of politics at Birkbeck College, University of London, specializing in nationalism, political demography, and immigration. He has authored several influential books examining the interplay between demographic shifts, identity politics, and populism in Western societies. Kaufmann's research and writings have made significant contributions to academic and public debates on immigration, multiculturalism, and the changing ethnic composition of liberal democracies. His work often focuses on the responses of ethnic majorities to demographic change and the implications for political landscapes.


The West is experiencing a demographic shift as white majorities decline. This "Whiteshift" causes anxiety among some whites, while others are embracing diversity and intermarriage
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