Carole Hooven

T: The Story of Testosterone, the Hormone that Dominates and Divides Us

18:25 min
Sociology, Biology, Science
352 pages, 2021

Hooven's investigative work explores the subtle yet substantial effects of testosterone on human development and behavior. She tackles controversial questions around gender differences head-on, analyzing extensive research on testosterone's evolutionary roots. Hooven argues that while biological factors don't fully determine outcomes, denying their influence hinders progress. This short offers nuanced examination of complex interconnections between hormones, genes, culture and individual choice shaping masculinity. Readers will gain scientifically-grounded understanding of the drivers underlying male physicality and conduct, empowering more compassionate dialogue regarding equality. Ultimately, Hooven illuminates the spectrum of identity, seeking to advance pragmatic remedies to the polarization surrounding gender.

Carole Hooven

Carole Hooven is an evolutionary biologist and lecturer at Harvard who studies mating strategies, sexuality, and the biological roots of behavior. With a PhD in Biological Anthropology from Harvard specializing in primate social systems, Hooven has contributed extensive field research illuminating how evolution shapes social structures. Combining insights from anthropology, endocrinology and psychology, Hooven's work provides evidence that natural selection acting over millennia is crucial in explaining fundamental aspects of human nature.


Testosterone exerts subtle yet profound influences on physical and behavioral sex differences. However, its biological effects interact dynamically with sociocultural forces. Appreciating this nuance can shape wiser solutions for achieving gender equity.
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