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Creating Future PeopleRecommended by Author

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Philosophy, Science, Genetics
174 pages, 2024

In this contemporary short, Jonathan Anomaly examines the ethical quandaries surrounding genetic enhancement and the future of human reproduction. As biomedical technologies advance, offering unprecedented control over our offspring's traits, Anomaly grapples with the moral and economic implications for individuals and society. He explores four targets of genetic enhancement: cognitive, moral, aesthetic, and health traits. In the final chapter, Anomaly confronts the demographic challenges and the ultimate fate of humanity in the face of these transformative technologies. This work offers a nuanced perspective on the complex issues surrounding genetic enhancement, inviting readers to contemplate the ethical responsibilities and societal consequences of shaping future generations.

Jonathan Anomaly

Jonathan has taught at many universities, including Duke, Penn, and San Diego. He is currently the academic director of the center for Philosophy, Politics, and Economics in Quito, Ecuador. He also works with a company that offers embryo selection for physical and mental traits.


Cognitive enhancement through embryo selection could provide immense personal and social benefits, but also risks exacerbating inequality and transforming the political landscape in ways that may require ethical restrictions.
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