Konrad Lorenz

Civilized Man's Eight Deadly Sins

19:57 min
Philosophy, Sociology
80 pages, 1973

In his controversial work, Konrad Lorenz exposes the eight deadly sins threatening modern civilization. Asserting the bold claim that humanity is on a path to self-destruction, Lorenz describes the problem of how technological advances designed to improve life has overrode natural constraints on human behavior. Offering hope through understanding, his analysis delves into the root causes driving overpopulation, environmental destruction, social isolation, genetic decline, and more. Ultimately, Lorenz issues a call to action — can we change course before it’s too late? This short provides insight into avoiding the pitfalls of progress that imperil the future of humankind.

Konrad Lorenz

Konrad Lorenz was an acclaimed Austrian zoologist and ornithologist who made significant contributions to the field of ethology, the study of animal behavior. He is best known for developing the theory of imprinting in young animals and birds through extensive observation and experimentation, demonstrating how they form immediate attachments during early critical periods. With over 300 scientific papers and numerous books to his name focused largely on animal psychology and instinct, Lorenz established himself as a pioneering figure in applying ethological perspectives to understanding evolution and behavior.


Ethology examines evolutionary drivers of animal and human behavior. However, modern civilized humanity displays pathological behaviors antithetical to species preservation, caused by imbalanced motivational drives and behavioral excesses threatening our downfall.
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