Eric Kaufmann

The Third Awokening

25:14 min
Politics, Sociology, History
396 pages, 2024

In Eric Kaufmann's "The Third Awokening," a new form of socialism emerges, focused on culture rather than economics. This short explores the rise of cultural socialism, which prioritizes equal outcomes for historically disadvantaged groups at the expense of traditional Western values. Kaufmann examines how this ideology has reshaped institutions, increased polarization, and created a climate of self-censorship. The work analyzes the problem from its origins in 1960s social movements to its current impact on politics, education, and society. Kaufmann proposes a twelve-step plan to restore balance, emphasizing the need for resilience over fragility and cultural wealth over mere equity.

Eric Kaufmann

Eric Kaufmann is a professor of politics at Birkbeck College, University of London, specializing in nationalism, political demography, and immigration. He has authored several influential books examining the interplay between demographic shifts, identity politics, and populism in Western societies. Kaufmann's research and writings have made significant contributions to academic and public debates on immigration, multiculturalism, and the changing ethnic composition of liberal democracies. His work often focuses on the responses of ethnic majorities to demographic change and the implications for political landscapes.


Cultural socialism prioritizes equal outcomes for disadvantaged groups over traditional values, reshaping institutions and fueling polarization. Its influence is growing, especially among younger generations.
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