Peter Zeihan

The End of the World Is Just the Beginning: Mapping the Collapse of Globalization

16:56 min
Economics, Politics
512 pages, 2022

Deglobalization is coming. Peter Zeihan's compelling work reveals how the end of the American-led world order will unravel globalization as we know it, sparking economic and societal collapse across continents. Tracing critical trends in geopolitics, demographics, and more, Zeihan provides a sobering analysis of the traumatic near-term future ahead. Yet his exploration ultimately surfaces hope—amidst the turmoil, he uncovers reasons for long-term optimism, pinpointing how America in particular can leverage its unique advantages to spearhead the next era of prosperity. For a nuanced perspective on the monumental global shifts underway, and to understand how we can navigate them, Zeihan's insightful short is essential reading.

Peter Zeihan

Peter Zeihan is an expert geopolitical strategist who has authored several books analyzing global politics, demographics, and economics. With over 20 years studying global flows of energy, capital, and labor, Zeihan provides incisive commentary on issues from climate change to China's rise as a superpower. Known for his contrarian and future-focused analysis, Zeihan examines big picture trends shaping the 21st century to forecast a coming period of upheaval unlike anything seen in recent history.


Geography and demography shape the rise and fall of civilizations. Fertile farmland and coastal access fueled America's growth, but declining birth rates now threaten this dominance as emerging powers divide global trade and the workforce shrinks, destabilizing the modern world order.
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